Effects of Ad Placement and Type on Consumer Responses to Podcast Ads

Effects of Ad Placement and Type on Consumer Responses to Podcast AdsIt has been brought to my attention how difficult it is to find my peer reviewed journal article on which forms and placements of ads people like the best when listening to podcasts. This journal article is derived from my  Master of Advertising Thesis.

Well, to make things easier I’ve decided to just upload it to my blog:

Effects of Ad Placement and Type on Consumer Responses to Podcast Ads

Here’s the Abstract of the journal article (aka TL;DR):
The purpose of this study was to understand the effects of podcast ad placement and podcast ad type on consumers’ perceived intrusiveness, perceived irritation, attitude toward the ad, and ad avoidance. Our 2×2 (traditional ad vs. sponsorship by beginning vs. middle) experimental study found that sponsorships generated better consumer responses than did traditional ads and that podcast ads placed at the beginning of audio podcasts yielded better consumer responses than those placed in the middle. Implications for marketers and advertisers are discussed.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ad Sets are officially rolling out

In late February Facebook announced “A Simpler Way to Organize and Optimize Campaigns on Facebook“. See the chart below. In essence, they are inserting a layer between the Campaign and the Ad levels. As someone coming from the world of PPC this missing layer always dumbfounded me…

facebook new campaign structure

Well, now (and in my opinion at least 5 years too late) the New Campaign Structure  is finally rolling out to Facebook Advertising.

Here is a Tour of the New Facebook Campaign Structure featuring Ad Sets

New Facebook Ad Sets are here
The “Take Tour” screen you see when you log in
Facebook Ad Set Tutorial 1 of 8
Facebook Ad Set Tour – Step 1 of 8
Facebook Ad Set Tutorial 2 of 8
Facebook Ad Set Tour – Step 2 of 8
Facebook Ad Set Tutorial 3 of 8
Facebook Ad Set Tour – Step 3 of 8
Facebook Ad Set Tutorial 4 of 8
Facebook Ad Set Tour – Step 4 of 8
Facebook Ad Set Tutorial 5 of 8
Facebook Ad Set Tour – Step 5 of 8
Facebook Ad Set Tutorial 6 of 8
Facebook Ad Set Tour – Step 6 of 8
Facebook Ad Set Tutorial 7 of 8
Facebook Ad Set Tour – Step 7 of 8
Facebook Ad Set Tutorial 8 of 8
Facebook Ad Set Tour – Step 8 of 8

Well, that’s all folks. Some really welcome and useful items are here to hopefully make Zuckerberg and increase the shareholder value of FB  on NASDAQ.

Final Thoughts on Facebook Ad Sets

I hate Facebook Advertising. It’s interface is beyond dated, it takes forever to accomplish anything, nothing is intuitive, and worst of all the reporting options kill kittens (that’s how bad they are).

Ad sets are to the equivalent of Adwords Ad Groups on Facebook. In face, I’ve been calling them Ad Groups for weeks.

To me the introduction of Ad Groups (oops, I mean Ad Sets) is a huge step in making Facebook Ads a tab easier to deal with. Being in the world of digital marketing guarantees the need to run Facebook Ads, especially those using Facebook’s Remarketing Technology.  Thus, there is no way around using the god-awful user interface (don;t even get me started on the Power Editor - there is nothing powerful about it, beyond the power to annoy).

All in all, it really makes me wonder why it took Facebook so long to roll out a basic functionality such as Ad Sets. Imagine if Google Adwords rolled out without Ad Groups! No one would be using Adwords. However, Facebook has one huge advantage over all other Adverting Networks: User Data. Lots of User Data.


What are your thoughts? Be sure to leave a comment below!

what makes a good website

What makes a good website?

What do you think makes a good website? Check out my slideshare and see that a good website and a good theme park actually have more in common than you might think. Thanks to XN Results LLC for already mentioning the presentation on twitter.

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What does “M.Adv.” stand for?

academic titlesRecently I started a new job where it is customary to add your degree, academic title, or certification to your email signature. Seeing the following abbreviations after names are commonplace: M.S., D.O, F.A.A.P., B.A., C.C.L.S., C.I.M.I., M.D.

Well, since adding my own degree to my email signature at my new job people keep asking “What does the ‘M.Adv.’ stand for?” Well, let me once and for all answer what it stand for:

Master of Advertising (M.Adv.)

The M. stands for ‘Master’ as in ‘Master Degree’ and in comparison to other Master’s Degrees – especially in the marketing field – the Master of Advertising is very rare. This is because you can literally count the number of universities that award a real Master of Advertising (M.Adv.) degree on one hand. Want proof how rare the degree is? It’s not even mentioned in the Master’s degree article on Wikipedia! And, they even list  the dangit “Master of Music (M.M. or M.Mus.)” degree…

This is because most universities do not treat Advertising as a separate discipline, but rather award a M.A. (Master of Arts) or M.S. (Master of Science) with a concentration in Advertising, but not the full M.Adv. (Master of Advertising) degree.

Please standby for a quick Gators shout out: I was lucky enough to attend the University of Florida where the M.Adv. degree is offered. And according to Google, UF is the best Master of Advertising program in the country. Why? Simple: Google “Master of Advertising” and the University of Florida is the first result you will find.


Most importantly, as you can find a M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration) on almost every corner my Master of Advertising (M.Adv.) degree in comparison is awesome.

What did you do last night? I played Donkey Kong.

donkey kong title screen
donkey kong title screen

the donkey kong title screen.

this classic video game title screen used to make me very nervous as a child because i knew that i was about to get my rear-end kicked by a video game. no other game posed such a large challenge to me as donkey kong and i know that i’m not alone. that tense feeling when i saw the title screen was still the same after all these years. quite frankly, i’m sure that i’ll have nightmares with this exact screen as the focal point soon.

regardless of my childhood fears, a big thank you to nintendo for offering this classic at 30 cents as a virtual console download. in contrast to my expectations i can’t believe how much fun i had playing this last night. i learned a lot, but most importantly that adult eric is simply a better and more patient gamer than child eric.

by the way – as the donkey kong title screen shows – this game is now 32 years old! i know that the steep difficulty level, 8-bit boxy graphics, and one button control of a game from the early 80s is not everyone’s cup of tea but that mixed with the nostalgia of donkey kong made for a fun evening of gaming. my three year old son in particular (who is a huge wreck-it ralph fan) enjoyed watching me play it and seeing donkey kong throw barrels at me as i ascended the screen. and let’s be honest, the 2012 wreck-it ralph movie is the disney  personification of donkey kong.

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