Death Star Pluto

Death Star Pluto
Confirmed: Pluto is the Death Star

New Horizons, launched over nine years ago, has finally transmitted the first ever photos of the dwarf planet Pluto back to earth. To the surprise of many it’s no moon, but rather a space station: “Death Star Pluto“. We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out.

Be sure to follow the adventures of New Horizons over at the official website.

Support the Nepal Earthquake Relief effort with iTunes

nepal earthquake relief itunesFollowing the record Earthquake with more than 4,4000 confirmed dead and over 8,000 injured it has become clear just how desperate the situation is in Nepal. Apple has rolled out a very convenient way to help the people of Nepal via iTunes on your Mac or iOS device. You can use your credit card already linked with iTunes or use an iTunes Gift Card (which are often on sale) to donate. And best of all, 100 percent of the money collected goes directly to the Red Cross.

If you have the resources to chip in, take a minute and do it now.

My favorite Ratings and Reviews Best Practices

I recently published a weekly #ProTip titled “The more Ratings and Reviews the better. During the six second Vine I shared:
“In the digital world you can never have enough ratings or reviews.”
I have been asked many times to elaborate on this concept. So, I’ve decided to write a follow-up post on Ratings and Reviews best practices. Read on below to learn where to get reviews, how to get reviews, and why they are so important.

Continue reading My favorite Ratings and Reviews Best Practices

Meeting suck – Here’s how to have an effective meeting

If you work in an office you know that meetings suck. They are the least productive part of the  workday and have become the most despised part of working in an office. This can’t continue. To fix this problem I put together some steps on how to to lead an effective meeting. Continue reading Meeting suck – Here’s how to have an effective meeting

Always use the unique features of each social networking sites

#ProTip: Using Social Media? Don’t fail: Take advantage of each Social Network’s Unique Features.

This week’s #ProTip was inspired by a rant a few friends were recently subjected to. In short, way too many brands just post exactly the same content to each and every social network in their portfolio without realizing that the audience and their expectations are completely different from network to network.

Unique features of social networking sites

Here are some of my favorite features that make each social networking site unique:

  • Hashtags on Twitter
  • Photo tagging and engaging photos on Instagram
  • Tagging in updates and photos on  Facebook
  • The Google Maps tie-in on Google+ Pages

Social Networking Sins

While it may seem like an easy solution to some, posting your Facebook updates with a link back to Facebook is a cardinal sin on Twitter. Here a few more of my favorite sins by brands.

  • Posting a link in an Instagram Comment. It can’t be clicked…
  • Sharing a link to your Instagram Photo on Twitter. Even Twitter is discouraging this
  • Using Hashtags on Facebook. Yes, I know they work…
  • Basically sharing a link to a different social network site.

Feel free to jump in below and post your favorite social media fail in the comments below.

I Love iOS Spotlight Search

#ProTip: Spotlight Search is awesome. Swipe down on the home screen to reveal Spotlight.

Spotlight finds anything

I really love iOS Spotlight search and find myself using it more and more – for anything. I especially enjoy it on OS X as it can perform simple mathematical functions. I don’t even use the regular calculator app anymore.

What makes it so unique is that it can find anything by searching through: Recent News, Wikipedia, anything on your iPhone (yes, pretty much anything from apps & music to messages & email), iTunes, the Web, and much more… Continue reading I Love iOS Spotlight Search

Nailed it: Apple MacBook vs. Google Chromebook Pixel Comparison

The Onion really hit the nail on its head with this Apple MacBook vs. Google Chromebook Pixel comparison:
Apple MacBook vs. Google Chromebook Pixel ComparisonLast week, Apple announced the “new” Apple MacBook and due to it’s lack of featured many have compared it to netbooks such as the Google Chromebook Pixel.

Only time will tell how successful the new MacBook will be, but if Apple’s track record is any guidance we will soon see plenty of new MacBook lookalikes on the market lacking everything people are now complaining about: One port, no disk drive, etc.