Leadership Lessons from Who Moved My Cheese?

I just read a short (only 94 pages), yet powerful little book full of leadership lessons: Who Moved My Cheese?. It is a good parable using two mice and two men who are in a maze and struggling to find enough cheese to survive.

Of course, cheese is not just cheese is this story. Rather, in this story it stands for anything you aspire for in your life. This includes your career, success, money, love, etc. Essentially, anything that you need to survive.

Who Moved My Cheese?

Leadership Lessons from Who Moved My Cheese?

The essence of Who Moved My Cheese? is about how people handle (or do not handle) change. It is a part of life and knowing how to cope is a necessary life and leadership skill. Continue reading Leadership Lessons from Who Moved My Cheese?

Twitter 101 Presentation

I recently spoke with the fine folks over at Nextwave Creative about social media and twitter in particular. To help them out I sent over my standard twitter 101 presentation with a few tweaks. Well, I liked this tweaked version of the presentation so much that I decided to post it to Slideshare. You can see the presentation at the bottom of this post. Continue reading Twitter 101 Presentation

The Modern Customer Journey

Digital technology is enabling a radically altered consumer journey. It is important for a brand to be present and engage with consumers during all steps of this modern customer journey. Research is necessary to  help create the right strategy and supporting tactics needed to reach customers at the key points off this journey.

Modern Customer Journey

the modern customer journey
Mooney, 2012

I’m a big fan of the visualization put forward by Kelly Mooney and pictured above. In her model, the modern consumer journey isn’t driven by mass media but rather by user engagement.

“Now that digital technology is enabling a radically altered consumer journey, marketers must toss aside the old models: old models for understanding the journey but also old models for planning media, allocating budgets, big idea generation and agency engagement. It’s a new era of consumer experience creation and the winners will be the marketers that master the new journey.” – Kelly Mooney

The Pillars of the updated Customer Journey

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How do I increase my website traffic?

Recently, the practice of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) has flared back up. As a Digital Strategist (CRO) is always on my mind for my clients. Without successful CRO your clients will fail.

The process of optimizing for conversions is guided by two factors: Increased visits to a website and an increased conversion rate. In other words, you need to have visitors to your website that you can convert to customers and on the other side you need turn an increasing number of them  into actual customers.

Today I’ll start off by looking at the first half of the equation:

How do I increase my website traffic?

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Which Marketing Channel Gives You the Most Bang for Your Click?

Don’t think SEO matters? Think again.

Thanks to an infographic by Conductor featuring the most concise industry data I’ve seen so far this year you can see from which channels brands get the most customers from.

The infographic shows in detail which channel (social, organic search, email, or PPC) gets the most visitors, results in the most customers, and thus gives you the most bang for your click.

To no surprise the channel that drives the most visitors is organic search.

According to Conductor: “Visitors from organic search are 2X more likely to be extremely engaged and visit more than five pages when compared to the other channels.” Wow.

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How to be a great manager

Let me start off with a story about a bad manager. This story is what really got me thinking about how to be a great manager. I’ve had quite a few managers in my career. Due to the nature of the advertising and marketing world it is very common to switch jobs and thus managers every few years.  Most of the time during the interview process you can gauge what kind of manager your boss will be. But, what you never expect from a manager is indifference.

Coming back to my experience with a bad manager, during the first few months in this job my manager provided feedback to my questions and met with me on a fairly regular basis. However, increasingly our interactions would start to revolve around fires within the organization, emergencies surrounding the organization, or to point out what I was doing wrong. The few times during my tenure that we met in person, he focused on his agenda while multitasking at the same time. I had no opportunity to share my thoughts and ideas, get feedback necessary to move forward on projects, and he never once asked me a question. office space lumbergh

His overt lack of interest and investment in me destroyed my engagement in the company. While my performance was high (I did ace my 90 day review after all), I needed input, feedback, recognition, and counsel. I longed to be connected and part of a team.

All this got me thinking: What kind of manager had I been in the past? What kind of manager did I want to be? What type of manager did I want my future managers to be? The one thing I knew is that I wanted to have  and be a great manager. Someone who treats people with respect, coaches and mentors employees, and sees them as real human beings with meaningful lives and valuable experiences that extended beyond the business, but could contribute to the business. Continue reading How to be a great manager

5 ways to make the most of twitter

make the most of twitter
#ProTip: Engage and have a better time using twitter with these 5 quick tips.

With more than 255 million monthly active users, twitter is an online juggernaut for communication and socialization. More than 500 million tweets are sent a day. It’s used to interact with people far away in real-time to create shared experiences across the county (MLB’s All-Star Game #ASG) or even the world (#WorldCup). Plus, as we all remember it played an important role in political protests in the middle east.

Yet some people still question the purpose of twitter. They don’t understand how it would fit into their lives. Like all social media sites, at its core twitter is about connecting with others. Unlike other sites,  it focuses on brevity. Posts are limited to just 140 characters.

Many use twitter to give quick updates to friends and family: They share a quick update about their day or share something they find interesting. Others use it to promote their business or spread news. You can also get customer support or ask questions (just ask Chris Morata about this). It’s also an awesome way to keep up with the news and current events. Just be sure to add me on Twitter:

Let’s go ahead and look at 5 ways you can make the most of twitter: Continue reading 5 ways to make the most of twitter